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Viewing the World Through Younger Eyes

As we go through our younger years, nothing has quite the same impact as the way we see things in our ever-unfolding world. The visual system of children, teenagers and younger adults is very different during these formative years. Because of this, our Doctors specifically cater his visual and ocular exam for patients during these ages.

Some specialty testing in this area includes:

  • Careful assessment of the binocular vision system. This includes tests for things such as stereo vision, depth perception, coordinated eye movements, spacial analysis, color vision and eye hand coordination. All of these can greatly affect childhood development, academic or athletic abilities.

  • Computerized testing instruments to help indicate what visual difficulties are currently present.

  • Vision testing and eye measurements that help predict future areas of concern with visual ability.

  • Comprehensive review of medical and family history, developmental processes and other areas that help assure proper academic performance.

  • Specially designed pediatric contact lenses

  • When needed, a varied selection of frame sizes and styles to accommodate the special needs of younger patients.

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Younger Eyes

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