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Adult Vision

Adult Vision:
Demanding Requirements for the Varied
Use of Our Eyes

Our adult years place many demands on our eyes and visual system. And those demands seem to get more complex every year. Computer work, fatigue from constant near work, driving concerns and the problem of near vision as we get older are some of the reasons that a careful vision exam, ocular health exam and optical option detailing are so important.

Dr. Fisher is trained in the medical examination, diagnosis and treatment of vision problems and disorders of the ocular system. Equally important is our philosophy to spend the proper time with each patient, addressing the results of the comprehensive exam and explaining the various optical options available.

Nothing replaces spending time with patients to explain and discuss their visual concerns. Our office does not double or overbook patients because we realize that our patient’s time is valuable.

Important aspects of our comprehensive exam include:

  • Detailed review of your current visual needs and problems so you are assured of the proper course of action

  • Comprehensive review of your visual and medical history

  • Detailed testing using the most up-to-date computerized and automated equipment to assess your proper prescription

  • Careful examination with new technology instruments to check for all ocular diseases and abnormalities

Our modern, full service optical dispensary and lab can provide all your glasses and contact lens needs. Our goal is to educate you about optical options and help you make a decision as to which options will serve you the best.

Our contact lens inventory is extensive. We routinely fit people who have been told they cannot wear contacts. Each month there are new developments in contact lens technology that provide increased comfort and vision to established contact lens wearers as well as providing options for people who have not been able to wear contact lenses previously.

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